5 Ultimate Reasons Why To Fake A Doctor’s Note

By on Nov 22, 2015 in Fake doctor's notes |

We all know at least colleague or a friend that has dared to fake a doctor’s note. Faking a doctor’s note takes some skill and a lot of courage, but sometimes it is even worth it. There are numerous reasons why you would like to get a fakedoctor’s note and there are numerous reasons why people choose to get one. On the other hand, there are amazing dr. note templates that can be bought with just a small amount. You might get a note from the dr. of your family. It would be better if he’s your friend, that way you can have all the notes you need to get your dream vacation while still getting paid by your company. Some will call this cheating but many will call this awesome! You’re having a chance to live like a CEO while your only a regular admin office clerk. Just don’t let anyone learn your secret because you don’t want everybody to be a CEO like you, right?...